Our skills programs



This is our flagship program. This intensive, full-immersion program runs over 2.5, 3 or 4 days with two professional coaches. The program includes pre- and post-course work, hours of live negotiation practise, as well as 90-days of coaching follow-up. It equips executives with the skills to add substantial additional value to their organisation and to manage any negotiation with confidence. We back this program with our unique ROI guarantee!


Our flagship program, but specifically tailored to the challenges women executives face in the workplace. This professional program is facilitated by a team of male and female coaches and backed by our unique ROI guarantee!


This short, intensive, one-day program is designed for those new to professional negotiation or in support of lead negotiators. The program introduces to the secrets and core skills that professional negotiators use to deliver great deals, including effective preparation, correct information management and the effective use of negotiation power.

This program includes over three hours of live negotiation practice and can also be run as an introduction to the professional program or in tandem with our conflict resolution or persuasion & influencing courses.


If diplomacy is the art of letting others have your way, persuasion and influencing is how that is done.

This intensive and interactive program gives participants the confidence to align key stakeholders, craft a persuasive pitch and deliver it effectively. That confidence comes from understanding the principles of persuasion, the skills involved in addressing a room and the ability to present your ideas in a way that unlocks agreement at first pass. This program can also be delivered as a module of the professional program.


Conflict is often seen in a negative light, but friction and creative tension can also be the springboard to innovation and dramatic improvement. The skill is in managing conflict away from destructive outcomes and to use it instead to drive positive gains for those involved. Learning how to address conflict and mediate an outcome between opposing parties is an important skill for any manager.

This intensive program introduces the techniques and key skills that mediators use to resolve conflict. You will learn how to diagnose a series of realistic conflict scenarios and work in teams to develop approaches to resolve them cooperatively and effectively.


The ability to communicate effectively is key to managerial effectiveness. This short and intensive program provides tools to help tailor communication to specific individuals, how to frame key messages, to control the conversation and to address key audiences. Participants will learn the secrets of building trust, as well as the fundamentals of acting as an internal or external consultant.

This program can also be can also be run as an introduction to the professional program or in tandem with our conflict resolution or persuasion & influencing courses.