Patrick Custer

International mediator, consultant negotiator, executive coach

Specialist:      Corporate restructuring, M&A, China network, Cross-pacific transactions, corporate mediation

Industries:     Legal, government, entertainment, steel industry, consumer electronics, manufacturing

Location:        Australia (Sydney) and USA (Dallas)

Background:  Patrick is a prolific deal-maker. The majority of his transactions over the past 20 years have been in the Asia-Pacific and the USA region. With over 120 trips between the USA and Asia, he has an unrivaled network and the pulse of business on both sides of the Pacific.

With transactions in China in excess of $500 million for a US company and similar size transactions in Australia, he has proven to be capable of managing transactions of any size.

Patrick’s latest advisory roles have been in the Australian Steel industry with restructuring and managing a major sale and as an advisor for a Asia Pacific Trading company. A current project is in the M&A advisory space for a major Australian company.

Patrick is also a qualified commercial mediator. He specialises in helping both sides in a dispute to reach an out-of-court settlement.

For details of Pat’s career and personal recommendations from clients, visit his LinkedIn profile at

Qualifications:      Pat is a graduate of Texas Tech University and the University of Texas, Dallas in Executive Coaching. Additionally he has completed the Australian Mediation Association certification program and is a member of the American Psychological Association.