David Cosgrave

Consultant negotiator & Legal counsel

Specialist:      Legal disputes, litigation, board negotiations, investment

Industries:     Legal, government, venture capital, research & technology, university sector

Location:        Toowoomba & Sydney

Background:  David has spent over 25 years in-house, helping clients solve disputes and litigation, deal with government regulations and regulators, draft business agreements and protect intellectual property and data privacy rights.

David brings substantial experience in all stages of state, Commonwealth, and international litigation and disputes, including “bet the company” litigation.

He also has significant experience with legal risk management, legal project management and large transactions, contracts, insurance, corporate governance and employment issues.

David has a background in both the private and public sectors across a range of industries, including investment banking, asset management, private equity, healthcare, education, security, information and telecommunications technologies, mobile communications, and agriculture.

He serves on several boards and is a member of the ACCC-appointed oversight committee for the APRA-AMCOS’ dispute resolution system.

David has taught masters students on in-house practice and business law since 2011 for the College of Law and frequently presents on a range of related topics.

For details of David’s career and personal recommendations from clients, visit his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/david-cosgrave-021529/