More Effective Client Engagement



NOVA Systems provides specialist engineering and management professional services with a focus on defence, aerospace, communications, transport and utilities.


NOVA prides itself on its engineering excellence, customer focus and can-do attitude.  All of NOVA’s consultants are expected to engage as professional service providers in a client-focused way.


Dr Lohmeyer collaborated with senior members of the NOVA team to design an induction program specifically aimed at introducing highly skilled engineers and technical experts to the communication, trust-building and negotiation skills required for effective, customer-focused client engagement.  The program has become a central part of the internal skills building curriculum of NOVA consultants.


The feedback from participants and the project sponsor has been excellent and we are now (2019) in the fourth year of running the program in partnership with NOVA.

I’ve know Matt for many years and he’s provided our managers with guidance and skills we use daily. I specifically sought out Matt to help us build a program which would give our employees a strong foundation to confidently handle the difficult issues arising in consulting situations. Nova has very experienced professionals who find Matt’s approaches thought provoking, interesting and directly applicable.

I don’t want our competitors using Matt, which is probably the strongest endorsement I can provide.
— Bret Barton, Australian Operations Manager, NOVA Systems
Kati McKeon