Practical Negotiation Skills

We deliver commercial results and personal growth
through consulting and targeted skills training…


Does your team’s success depend on their ability to negotiate?

Organisations thrive when executives have the skills to deliver both outcomes and sound relationships. Is your team on top of their game?

Negotiation skills are the foundation of better deals, greater value capture, more effective teamwork and improved relationships - internally, with clients and with trusted suppliers.

We are a team of professional negotiators and our passion is to help executives and businesses to raise their game and deliver results.

Our clients trust us:

  • to assist them with challenging negotiations,

  • to advise and pressure-test preparation, strategy and tactics,

  • to diagnose negotiation capability and identify skills gaps,

  • to equip their teams with cooperative negotiation skills that deliver superior results, and

  • to resolve disputes through negotiation or independent mediation.

Our point of difference: we are professional negotiators, not trainers or academics.

We practise what we teach — and we only teach what actually works in practice.

The practical training programs we facilitate are unique: they combine intensive coaching by our professional negotiators with proprietary diagnostics and long-term coaching follow-up. Contact us to explore if we can add value to your bottom line.





Preparation, strategy and hands-on negotiation services across all industries and all issues…


Negotiation, persuasion & influencing, communication skills and conflict resolution…



How does your team negotiate and where are the gaps that cause loss of value…



Assisting you to resolve commercial disputes before they escalate to involve the law…


Our Team

All of our international team are professional negotiators with a track record of success in different industries and across the globe.  You are working with seasoned experts, who have the CV and the scars to prove it.


Client Stories

We have a very simple mission:
to help our clients deliver outstanding results.  

We measure our performance by the successes our clients achieve.



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In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.
— Chester Karrass