Michael Clifford

Sales professional, business coach and negotiation skills coach

Specialist:      Finance, investment, real-estate, professional services

Industries:     Finance, SME, sports management, coaching

Location:        Sydney

Background:  Michael has a track record in the financial planning and superannuation industry. He was a founding partner of Shirlaws, a coaching and training business specialising in the financial services industry. Michael’s passion is to assist clients to become the very best at what they desire and his people and coaching skills enable a trusting relationship to develop into permanent, long term positive results.

For details of Michael’s career and personal recommendations from clients, visit his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/michael-clifford-1110811a/

Qualifications:      Michael holds a certificate in Real Estate and has previously been accredited with the full Certified Financial Planner (CFP Dip) through Deakin University.