Commercial Mediation Services


Benefits of Mediation

  • Significantly reduced costs

  • Significantly shorter time frame

  • Non-adversarial

  • Non-judgemental

  • Personal empowerment

  • Helps to preserve relationships

  • Totally confidential

  • Mediation is “without prejudice”

  • Leaves other options open

  • Promotes use of creative solutions

  • High settlement potential

Commercial Mediation

Mediation is a highly successful, cost effective and confidential way to resolve commercial disputes.

Our accredited mediation specialists have a wealth of experience in commercial transactions, commercial disputes and financial matters on which both sides can draw to craft a resolution that meets everyone’s needs. Our role is to act as a confidential facilitator, helping all parties in a dispute to reach a voluntary and mutually acceptable agreement.

In mediation, the parties themselves decide the outcome, not the mediator.

Involving an experienced independent mediator will help to calm emotions, facilitate the development of creative solutions and assist in re-building trust between the parties. This is essential to preserve and nurture important commercial relationships.

We mediate commercial disputes in the public and private sectors and across a broad range of industries.

Our professional mediators work with large corporations, government departments, small businesses and not for profits.

We are affiliated with several national and international professional associations, including the Resolution Institute (formerly LEADR) and the Australian Mediation Association (AMA).