Ian Macdonald

Consultant negotiator;  Negotiation skills coach

Specialist:      Contracts, esp. employment contracts & collective workplace agreements

Industries:     Energy, resources, logistics, packaging, sports & FMCG

Location:        Melbourne

Background:  Ian has a unique perspective on negotiating derived from a huge depth of first-hand experience over many years. His industrial relations experience started as a workforce representative for the AWU at Esso Longford in the 80’s. He also worked closely with the ACTU on employee superannuation and redundancy programs. He finished his 20 year career with Esso as the Corporate Industrial Relations Manager. For the past 18 years he has been working with senior executives to improve all aspects of their approach to negotiation, in the process delivering excellent outcomes. Ian maintains that the best outcomes are only achieved after comprehensive preparation and a brutally honest assessment of your requirements for success.

For details of Ian’s career and personal recommendations from clients, visit his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/ian-macdonald-535878b/

Qualifications:      Ian holds a Graduate Diploma in Labour Law from the University of Melbourne.