Colin Rose

In Australia in the early 70's, Colin Rose developed and later published a  'Phased Negotiation Model', coupled with a  RED-BLUE negotiation styles continuum. This work was based on years of experience working in Industrial Relations with first the Army and then the whole Defence Department. Colin published his work in his book "Negotiate and Win" (Lothian Books  Melbourne 1983).

Concurrently, Dr Gavin Kennedy of Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh also developed a phased negotiation model. He published his findings in a book called "Managing Negotiations" by Kennedy, Benson and McMillan (2nd ed Business Books UK  1980). 

When Gavin and Colin met in the Sydney Hilton in 1985 it started a  close collaboration which continues to this day, to create the basis of the work now followed by many of the World's most respected,  ubiquitous and practical negotiation skills programmes.

Colin is a founder and principal of Rose & Barton, a specialist negotiation consulting business with a 30 year track record in the field.